Blåtand’s quality policy and environmental policy

Blåtand is to be known for quality, and our environmental work plays an important role in the company’s long-term profitability. We set our sights high and aim to meet or exceed the requirements of customers, legislators and other stakeholders. We have therefore produced and follow a quality policy and environmental policy.

Quality policy

Blåtand’s quality policy covers food safety, food legislation, quality assurance, service, employee participation and the development of the business.

Environmental policy

Blåtand’s environmental policy covers the prevention of pollution, compliance with environmental legislation, reduced environmental impact and continuous improvement.

Blåtand’s guidelines for purchases of wild berries in Sweden

Blåtand’s purchases of wild berries in Sweden are to comply with Swedish legislation, other rules and regulations issued by Swedish authorities, Blåtand’s own guidelines and the recommendations of the Swedish Association of Food Retailers and the Swedish Food Federation. More detailed information can be found in our guidelines for purchases of wild berries in Sweden.