The power of our Swedish superberries

Bright-red lingonberries, deep-blue bilberries and golden cloudberries – the forest’s treasures come in many different colours and possess a variety of health-boosting properties.

From the late summer right through the autumn the wealth of berries in the Swedish countryside signals loud and clear that this is a good place to be – good for the body and good for the soul. Our Swedish superberries are an excellent source of nutrients and are bursting with goodness. Here we harvest the power of the plant kingdom.


Bilberries grow in abundance throughout Sweden and are a key species for forest animals that depend on them to survive. They grow best in spruce forests and prefer a cool climate. With their sweet taste but low sugar content, bilberries are a delicacy best enjoyed freshly picked in the forest.

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Steeped in folklore, cloudberries are the most exclusive of Swedish berries. They are highly sensitive to weather conditions, grow sparsely in boggy areas and need plenty of sunshine. As such, they grow best in the north of Sweden where the summer days are long and light. Picked individually by hand, they shimmer with luxury.

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With their rich and full flavour, lingonberries are a traditional staple in the Swedish kitchen. They are highly tolerant of cold weather, dislike hot summers and are sweeter if harvested after the first frost. They thrive in clearings and forests with low levels of vegetation, and it is here that we pick them by hand in the autumn.

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