In-house research makes Blåtand the supplier for connoisseurs

Blåtand’s research department works constantly on product development and quality control. Here we ensure that the berries, jams and fruit preparations we supply are of the highest quality.

Only the best is good enough. Our aim of supplying gourmets means that we work constantly to develop our products, refine our recipes and come up with new flavours that will delight our customers. We ensure that we meet the highest of standards through our quality control procedures and product testing.

Forskning, labbet

Research into berries and flavours

Blåtand’s research is underpinned by our in-depth knowledge of microbiology, sensory analysis and a passion for berries. We know virtually everything there is to know about a berry’s path from plant to jar, about what it takes to produce the best jams and the finest flavours – from which weather conditions are best at different times of year to getting the processing right. Our tasting lab is staffed by experts who are specialists in both the fundamental flavours and the endless combinations that are possible.

Research into bilberry antioxidants

Blåtand also researches the quantity of antioxidants (anthocyanides and anthocyanidins) in bilberries. During the annual harvest we analyse variations in anthocyanidin content relative to location, timing and other factors. This gives us a greater understanding of the bilberries’ antioxidant content, which is an important parameter for our health food customers.